Reasons behind Increasing Demand of Indian Hair Extensions

When it comes to Indian hair extensions, these are indeed highly demanded and can easily tantalize the senses of a large number of people. This article is going to explain several important reasons behind it.

You can go one by one to understand the things clearly about Indian hair extensions.

Genetic factor – The most painful reality is that your DNA is something that is beyond your control. Well, the length to that every individual’s hair tends to grow is genetically pre-determined and also it will not go beyond that organic limit.

Besides, the texture of the Indian women’s hair is what enables it to grow long. Besides, Indian women also grow hair quickly compared to many European or African women, due to their genetics.

Cultural factor – In the Indian culture, short hair is generally termed as undermine and also female beauty is most frequently measured on the basis on hair length. Most of the men will certainly not prefer a women with short hair for a wise unless she shaved it as a religious donation and also not for any other region. This is the reason why it is actually common for many women to let their hair grow quickly and thus they can enjoy their overwhelming looks.

Religious factor – There is also ceremony termed as Tonsuring performed in some Indian temples where women joyfully provide to have their heads shaved.

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