Things That You Must Gather About Virgin Hair Wigs

When it comes to virgin hair, also termed as raw hair is generally human hair that has certainly not been treated chemically, permed or bleached. It is generally achieved directly from the head of a donor, washed and also then packed for sale completely. All these cuticles are generally intact and also lay in the same direction so making the unit completely soft and smooth to touch.

Advantages of virgin hair

Several styling options – There are several treated units limit the number of several styling options that you can easily apply on it. Studies already proved the cured hair becomes highly complex to color. There are several stylists already reported that having a hard time curling and also straightening treated units.

Natural outcomes – The main issue that most of the women report is actually shedding of the unit especially during combing.

Tips to buy virgin hair wigs

Due to growing demand of hair, there are several unscrupulous businessmen who generally try passing off synthetic, fake hair as virgin hair. Besides, the first thing that you must do is smell your hair. Besides, you must also take a look at the condition of the wefts. The color of the units is something that can help you in determining if it is genuine.

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