Style Properly Your Brazilian Virgin Hair

Brazilian virgin hair is most preferred by many people as of how awesome it is. Styling your extensions is indeed made easy by the fact that it is completely natural meaning that you can easily wash it, flat iron it or also blow dry it even without risking any damages since it is the case with some synthetic extensions.

Meanwhile, when styling your extension, you should always pay a complete attention to the shape of your face. This is mainly because different styles work for different faces and you wish to look your best especially whether you have chosen a straight or curly hair.

Here are certain important tips and guidelines that can help you in choosing the proper style with your Brazilian virgin hair.

Oval Face – It is for a long time considered to be a good shape for the face since the jaw line. Cheekbones and forehead as well as chins are proportionally balanced.

Round Face – It actually reflects cheek fullness and also you should always keep off pulling the hair all the way back.

Square Face – This important type of face has indeed a broad forehead, wide chin and also cheekbones. When you style your Brazilian hair for such face, you should then always avoid the styles.

Besides, Brazilian hair extensions are also most suitable for various other faces that include Heart Face, Pear Face, Diamond Face and Oblong Face.

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